Delegator Guide to Migrating from Kepler to Mainnet

This guide shows the migrations process from the SubQuery Kepler Network to the SubQuery Mainnet. This will start on Wednesday 21st Feb at 8am UTC when the final era of Kepler will finish.

Make sure you monitor the #network-announcements channel in Discord for alerts of major developments and when further steps can be made

Step 1 - Undelegate SQT

Delegators will need to undelegate their tokens to migrate from the SubQuery Kepler Network to the Mainnet.

We urge all active account holders to visit this page to verify if their account has delegated any tokens.

Navigate to the delegation page and proceed to undelegate from each indexer listed on there. We have updated the delegation period to set the undelegate time to a few minutes. Once the undelegation process is complete, you will find all the undelegated assets ready to be claimed on the withdrawal page .

Step 2 - Swap kSQT Tokens for SQT

You will want to perform the following actions before continuing:

You will need to wait for mainnet launch on the 23rd Feb at 8am to continue

A guide on how to swap kSQT Tokens for SQT can be found here: Swap kSQT for SQT

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