New SubQuery Kepler Network Projects

We now have two new projects that indexers can index - Kepler Network Project and the Kepler Airdrop Project from Polygon.

You can see the details here including deployment ID, both are not provided with a dictionary restore.

The SubQuery Kepler Network project is used to provide indexed data to the the Kepler Network UI. The Kepler Airdrop project similarly provides data to the airdrop UI.

Both projects can be indexed in only a few hours, so there will be sponsored plans available in the next era starting in little over 9 hours from now.

In order to be a part of the next Era, please follow the steps to Create a Plan by 11:59pm UTC Tuesday 27th June. There should be one plan template for each deployment and please set the price no larger than 1400 kSQT

with coordinator version 1.1.3 when I added 2 Kepler Network and the Kepler Airdrop projects.
Both projects when launching docker take up port 3114.
Therefore, it is not possible to launch both at the same time

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