Indexers - Get Ready to Earn Rewards

Indexers, get ready to start earning rewards!

How this will work

Many indexers are now online and ready to serve real world data for real world consumers in the Kepler canary network, we’re about to take the next step and start the first Era - each Era will go for a week and we’ll run a set of standardised plans in this period.

Firstly, please take a look at the Indexer Excellency Programme reward menu, it will be important during Kepler. We will use it to rank indexers and indexers with a higher rank will be allocated larger plans more frequently. if you want to maximise your rewards, we suggest trying to maximise your score in this programme (you can hover over the column header to see how each score is calculated). A good first start that you can do today is setting up SSL on your indexer endpoint.

We also constantly assess uptime from our indexers, so if you have announced that your indexing service is ready to use, then you will be penalised for any downtime.

Please review this information to understand how Kepler will operate for indexers at the start, this may change, but we’ll let you know here first.

For the initial stages of Kepler, the SubQuery Council will set some default plan templates to make plan management and creation easier, and speed up the testing and analysis of various parameters of the network. As a result, plan creation is very easy and just requires to you enter a price. Towards the end of each era, we will release the suggested plan templates, recommended pricing, an and other instructions for the start of the next period.

What do you need to do now

  1. You must update subql-indexer-proxy to v1.0.1
  2. In order to be a part of the first Era, please follow the steps to Create a Plan by 11:59pm UTC Wednesday 10th May (tomorrow). There will only be one plan template and please set the price no larger than the following values:
  • Kusama Dictionary: 2800 kSQT
  • Polkadot Dictionary: 2800 kSQT

We strongly recommend that you do not exceed our recommended pricing when setting your price, otherwise you might not be picked for the next era.

We just want to clarify what we mean by this paragraph to look at the Indexer Excellency Programme:

  • It is not required to complete all areas of this programme to be selected as an Indexer in Kepler.
  • Setting up a domain, SSL, or ENS is not required or mandatory before the 11:59pm UTC Wednesday 10th May deadline.
  • We are communicating that in the future where we start introducing competition into Kepler, we will be considering scores like the Indexer Excellency Programme, as well as uptime from our indexers, and pricing when allocating plans to indexers