New Flex Plan Support

Please upgrade your indexer services to the following before continuing. Note the new image names and repo change

Upgrading indexer services in Docker Compose can be done by following a few simple steps:

  1. Update image version inside docker-compose.yaml. This can be done by updating the image field in the service definition to the new versions listed above
  2. Restart specific container. Once the image version has been updated in the docker-compose file, you can restart the specific container that needs to be upgraded. This can be done by running the following command in the terminal docker-compose up -d --no-deps container-service-name. The up command starts the container in the background, while the --no-deps flag prevents Docker Compose from starting any linked services. Finally, the container-service-name argument specifies the name of the container that needs to be restarted.

Release Notes

New Features

  • [Indexer Proxy v1.2.0] Flex Plan Support
  • [Indexer Coordinator v1.2.0] Flex Plan Support

Steps to enable Flex Plan

We plan to only run flex plans (pay as you go PAYG) for the SubQuery Kepler Network project this week/this Era. To enable Flex Plans, you must first update the image versions to 1.2.0 for Indexer services before continuing.

Next, you must reindex the Kepler Network project with the latest indexer services (there are breaking changes). It is best first delete your existing deployment to ensure that reindexing is a fresh database. First, stop indexing the project, and then remove the project.

Follow the standard steps to begin indexing the above to index the new version of this project. The project deployment ID is QmUVXKjcsYkS6WfJQfeD7juDbnMWCuo5qKgRRo893LajE2.

Once you have successfully indexed the project, please first announce the project to the network that it is ready to use. Then we can continue to setup a Flex Plan.

We have added a new guide here to provide information on how to enable Flex Plans for your projects.

We will talk more about this and how we’re going to introduce competition shortly in the next Kepler office hours later today 11am UTC.

Be aware there’s a image repo change in the latest release.

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100%, and not appear flexi plan

From Discord, please use subquerynetwork/indexer-coordinator:v1.2.1

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