Prometheus metrics issues

The proxy is misreporting its version on /metrics:


# HELP proxy_version Indexer Proxy version
# TYPE proxy_version gauge
proxy_version{proxy_version="v1.0.2"} 1

It also looks like the db stats are not making it through:

# HELP db_docker_stats_cpu DB cpu usage (%)
# TYPE db_docker_stats_cpu gauge
db_docker_stats_cpu 0

# HELP db_docker_stats_memory DB memory usage (MB)
# TYPE db_docker_stats_memory gauge
db_docker_stats_memory 0

# HELP db_docker_stats_status Indexer DB container status
# TYPE db_docker_stats_status gauge
db_docker_stats_status 0

Also, the tarball you have provided in the docs does not contain what you think it does as far as I can make out. I’ve had to make changes manually based on the grafana-template branch in GitHub.

Otherwise, great work on the dashboard!


Thanks for reporting this, we are planning to release a new coordinator version soon to fix this along other improvements.

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