Trouble starting on a new server

the old server ran out of memory on the SSD, decided to move to a new server and the problems started. migrated the database and launched the coordinator, everything was fine, started starting projects from scratch. I logged in today and see the coordinator is not in the docker ps, launched the coordinator now it restarts every 5 minutes

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Also faced this problem. The memory on the server was full (thanks to arb + opt), I decided to move to a new server simply by copying the subquery-indexer folder from the old server.
The transfer was successful, but could not start due to the fact that the db was damaged. I suffered with this problem for a long time, in the end I decided to just start from 0.
Now I’m trying to run the smallest projects for the test, but I’m unsuccessful.
When starting either of the two projects (Astar and Westend), my coordinator simply reboots. Here I provide screenshots of the project logs and the container.

Also the logs of a specific Westend .

Can you please tell me if I’m doing something wrong?
P.S. when creating from 0 i also updated the metadata and created a new controller