Indexing errors for Arbitrum and Optimism

For these 2 projects, Indexing cannot synchronize 100%
Therefore, it was reported: bad indexing progress: 108882105/108882722 here

Indexer used Endpoints even though he paid a fee but still couldn’t catch up!

I’ve changed the blockheight tolerance to 3000, in the meantime, sdk team is improving the connectivity for Arbitrum and Optimism


I get this error from time to time:
ERROR undefined Error: Endpoint is not healthy

Мy project settings:
Indexer Version: 2.12.5
Query Version: 2.5.0
Batch Size: 15
Workers: 1
Cache Number: 300
Number of Cpus: 1
Memory: 2046

Can you please tell me what needs to be done, where to change blockheight tolerance?
Thank you