Proposal #3: Proposal to Refund Lost Tokens

Dear Community,

We are pleased to announce that the proposal to refund the 893,901 SQT tokens accidentally sent to the Ethereum SQT contract is now open for voting.
We invite thoughts from everyone in the community here and on our Snapshot Voting

Thank you for considering us.


Hi @Younessnet we’ve paused voting on the current proposal for now. The reason is as this proposal did not follow the documented and ratified process.

It’s important all treasury spend requests do follow the process to ensure the funding is transparent, widely discussed, and clearly documented.

Can you please update this proposal to match the format described in this document The Governance Process | SubQuery Documentation

For example, the headline could be STP-1 Proposal to Refund Lost Tokens

The STP must contain the following sections:

  • Motivation - The reason for allocating capital
  • Description - What the capital allocation is, what the milestones will be
  • Implementation - How this capital will be moved, to what accounts will it be paid to and under what exchange rate (if relevant)