Token sent to the Eth SQT contract address

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Since the launch of SubQuery Mainnet, there are five people who accidentally sent their tokens to the Mainnet SQT contract on Etherum:

To resolve this problem it is possible to make a small change to the contract, there are all the explanations in this link

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The SQT token is not upgradable, we have no way to mutate the contract to include the recover token logic.

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Thank you for the information.
Could the team possibly make a gesture of generosity towards me? I lost 161,000 SQT, and while I understand it’s my fault, I hope the team could assist me in some way.


We’ll be opening up the governance system In the coming months as the network matures. When governance is live, you will be welcome to make a proposal to ask the community to refund you tokens amounts from the treasury

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Please let me know when the governance system is open.
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I will submit a proposal to the community for a token refund from the treasury ?

Thank you

The governance process is open, so feel free to go ahead

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Hi @Younessnet can you please join the #network-governance channel on our Discord to talk about this