Running Maintenance on your Production Indexing Servers

Some indexers will want to do much needed maintenance on their servers without causing downtime or negative impacts on their reputation (e.g. increasing DB size or applying patches to restart the server)

In all cases, we suggest that you first start a backup server and restore the database from your primary server there. It will be easier if indexer runs db in a separated server

  1. Start a backup server,
    1.1. Run coordinator & proxy there
    1.2. Migrate db there
    1.3. Start all projects that have active agreements
  2. Switch so all requests go to new target server. e.g change DNS to target server’s IP, or change router if they are under same IP
  3. Once complete the maintenance, repeat 1+2 to switch back or just decommission the old server.

You can have two active coordinators and proxies on two different servers for a very short time - we recommend only for a few minutes. It just may create a conflict in the p2p network that same ID having two different address if kept online for longer so we recommend you complete step 2 very quickly

Hi James,
This procedure is resource and work intensive. It would be ideal if there is a way to indicate that the server is not accepting new service agreements and wait for the current service agreements to expire, then do the upgrade. Once done set the flag back to accepting service agreements.
This way there is going to be sometime when the server is not serving I.e, loss of revenue but a lot easier

Said that I guess I can just remove all the plans, which is a bit inconvenient and does not tell the network about the state of the server but totally disable. A one transaction that set maintenance mode is ideal.


You can do this by deactivating all Flex Plans and removing all Fixed plans, the agreements associated with each with expire after the certain number of days that you set.

However, we don’t recommend this. Seamless upgrade should still be the best way. Stopping your service totally then migrating is not only loss of revenue but also reputation, consider what a consumer will think? They may end up searching for more reliable indexers instead?

Can we have the details and the commands of the seamless upgrade fleshed out please.


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