Uptime issue, delays in the response from the Polkadot project

I am indexing two projects on the same machine. Both 100% synchronized, have ‘ready’ and ‘online’ status, I’ve had service agreement for both projects and got rewards for both in the previous eras.

But for the last couple of weeks I see 75% uptime in the explorer. When I check in my admin panel - everything is ok. If I go to “Indexerer”/“my projects” I see this:

If I refresh the page sometimes I see 100% progress and “ready” for Polkadot too, but most often I see “Error: Failed to fetch deployment progress”

When I check metadata manually (endpoint/metadata/project) I get a response from Kusama in half a second, but if I check Polkadot the response can go up to 17 seconds. And it is always correct response, there are no errors.

The same VPS, same IP, same firewall settings, same paid plan Onfinality for endpoints.
I have no idea what could be the problem and what can I change to fix the situation. I will be grateful for any help.